Here at Cilley Veterinary Clinic, we have state of the art laboratory equipment and diagnostic tools that allow our veterinary team to quickly and effectively diagnose illnesses and injuries, and to monitor your pet’s ongoing condition and health. Many important diagnostic tests can be done right here, on site, with results and answers in the doctor’s hand in under 20 minutes. This includes bloodwork, x-rays, cytology, urinalyses and more, for both emergency diagnosis, and for routine health monitoring for conditions like diabetes, thyroid deficiency, and general wellness.

Our relationships and partnerships with labs and referral specialists around the region can help us to provide you with even more advanced diagnostic testing, such as ultrasonography, bacterial culture, biopsies, ophthalmology, behavioral training, and more.

It is our goal to provide your pet with the highest level of medical care possible, and our laboratory and referral services are one of the many ways that we help to achieve this goal. Call or email us today to ask how we can bring these tools, technology, and expertise to bear to help you and your pets.