For our feline visitors, we offer a quiet, climate-controlled space that aims to keep them comfortable and safe. Our cattery is in a separate area from our dog kennels – a room dedicated just for cats – so they can have privacy and quiet and a chance to relax during their stay. When we have feline visitors with special needs or medical concerns, we may utilize extra capacity in the surgical recovery suite of the hospital, which serves as an additional quiet space where cats can be tended to frequently throughout the day.

Boarding Schedule and Reservations

We are staffed every day, 365 days a year, rain or shine. Boarding pets can be dropped off and picked up any time that the kennel is open, with hours every day of the week, with just a few exceptions around major holidays – the modified holiday schedule can be found here. We do prefer visitors to come in at least a few hours before closing on a given day, so we can get them settled in and comfortable before the evening.

Boarding reservations can be booked in person, by phone, or by email. Reservations must be booked in advance of the boarding, to ensure that we have space and that paperwork is all in order prior to drop-off. We do tend to book up around major travel holidays, summer weekends and school vacation weeks, and would recommend booking well in advance of those dates to ensure availability when you need it.

Boarding Request Form

Request Boarding Dates

Click here to access the form to request boarding dates.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Hours and Protocol

To see our hours and protocol for pickup and drop-off, click here.

Paperwork for Boarding

Click Here to download the paperwork for boarding drop-off. An updated copy of this form must be filled out for every boarding stay. It is recommended that all paperwork be filled out prior to the boarding drop-off to speed up the drop-off process.

How Cat Boarding Works

Cats are typically kept in our cat room – a separate area away from the dogs who are staying with us – and are checked on throughout the day. Water and food is refreshed as needed, or coinciding with their usual feeding schedule, with clean bowls given every day, and litter boxes changed out each time they have been used. Cats may also at times stay in our recovery suite in the hospital, another quiet area, if they prefer even more privacy or if they require additional observation/treatments while staying with us.

Boarding more than one cat?

Typically, we like to give each cat their own space – we do have cages that can accommodate two cats from the same family together, but we always recommend giving each cat as much room as possible while they adjust to their home away from home – if they aren’t used to being out of the house, it may take them some time to settle in, and personal space is very helpful for that. We are very happy to keep same-family cats in spaces next to or across from each other, so they can still benefit from the presence of their sibling, while enjoying the extra privacy and space. With each cat having their own spot, there is also an added benefit in making it easier for us to monitor the eating and bathroom habits of each individual cat. Boarding costs (listed below) are per cat, per night.

Items, necessities, and comforts that we provide

Comfortable Bedding – We offer an assortment of beds, blankets, and towels for bedding. You are welcome to bring bedding from home if you so choose,* but we ask that it be clearly labeled and fully machine washable.

Food – We offer for our guests Hills Science Diet Optimal Care dry food, as well as assorted types of wet/canned food, at no additional cost; however, we highly recommend bringing your cat’s usual food to avoid any possible tummy upset, especially if your cat has known food allergies or sensitivities, or is on a specific limited-ingredient diet. If you do bring your own food, we always recommend bringing more food than necessary, so we can have extra in the event of unplanned extensions to the stay due to inclement weather, flight cancellations, traffic, etc.

Feeding and water bowls – We offer several styles of bowls and plates – plastic, metal, ceramic, etc – which typically meet the needs of the most discerning feline diner. We do not recommend bringing bowls from home unless necessary, as they are likely to be lost or damaged (stainless steel bowls are usually difficult to differentiate and keep track of, and ceramics are fragile and do not travel well), as we wash them frequently.

Litter boxes and litter – We offer an easy to clean non-clumping litter, and have several styles of litter box – high wall, low wall, etc – that meet the needs of most visitors. For messy kitties, we sometimes use a paper-based litter.

Toys – You are welcome to bring toys from home,* but all items must be clearly and individually labeled, and washable.

*All items should be clearly labeled before drop-off. While we make every effort to keep track of and return all items that come in with our guests, we will accept no liability for lost or damaged items. If we witness a pet damaging an item, including bedding or toys, we may at our discretion remove it if there is a safety concern – risk of ingesting small pieces, foreign body blockage, etc. Safety is always our highest priority.

Health and Vaccine Requirements

Rabies Vaccine

All cats must be up to date on rabies vaccination to enter the cattery. Rabies is a fatal, but easily preventable disease, and it is our goal to keep everyone, including our guests and our staff safe from it.

Feline Distemper Vaccine (FVRCP)

Feline distemper vaccine typically protects against several common illnesses that can infect cats, including Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia

Year-round flea and tick preventative

Flea and Tick preventative helps ensure that your pet won’t bring in or pick up any uninvited guests while visiting our cattery. It is required year-round to protect your pet.

In addition, we strongly recommend:

Annual Wellness Examinations

Physical examination helps your veterinarian prevent, diagnose, and treat common health issues for your pet. We recognize the importance of ensuring that your pets’ health needs are well understood before going into a possibly stressful new situation or experience and want to make sure we can provide adequately for their health needs while they are with us.

Annual Fecal Testing

Fecal testing is when a doctor checks a sample of your cat’s stool for any sign of internal parasites. Veterinarians typically recommend fecal testing at least once per year for wellness; it’s important to test regularly to catch any contagious infections early to prevent them from spreading to other animals, especially for outdoor cats and cats that hunt, as they are at higher risk of exposure.

In the event that a cat should test positive for a contagious intestinal parasite, there may be an additional fee assessed for disinfection until the infection has been cleared with a negative fecal test following treatment.


The cost of boarding cats is $33.50 for each overnight that a cat is under our care. There may be additional fees for the administration of medication, or if there are other special medical or other care needs that must be met.

Additional Services While Boarding

In addition to our boarding services, we are also a primary care veterinary hospital, and offer grooming services. We are happy to offer preventive health services and/or grooming while your pet is staying with us. We do tend to book up ahead for some services, so it is best to schedule in advance to ensure availability while your pet is with us. We are also happy to schedule tours of our facility Monday through Friday, and Saturday mornings.