Whether you’re planning a day trip around Concord, looking for somewhere safe and fun for your dog to spend the day while you’re at work, or just want to give your dog the opportunity to be active and socialize with people and other dogs in a safe and controlled environment, we offer our doggie daycare and day boarding services year-round. We understand that it takes a great deal of trust to leave your loved ones with someone else for any amount of time, so we are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and safety possible while your pet is with us – we treat your pet as if it were our own!

Doggie Daycare

Monday through Friday we offer our Doggie Daycare program, where visitors get a chance to run around and exercise, and have a great opportunity to meet and play with other 4-legged friends throughout the day. Daycare dogs are set up in groups based on their size and personality, and spend time with other dogs all day – in smaller groups when they’re inside, and larger groups when they go out to the play yard. Daycare dogs are rotated out to the play yard in groups, 8-10 times over the course of a full day. A staff member is always present in the yard when groups are outside, while other staff members monitor the smaller groups inside. Seasonally and weather permitting, we often provide a kiddie pool on hot days, a doggie play structure with a ramp, bridge, and stairs to climb on and under, and numerous other types of toys. All Daycare dogs must meet the vaccine, health, and behavioral requirements and terms and conditions set out in our Daycare and Boarding Agreement form, listed below.

Daycare drop-off and pick-up times and procedure

When arriving, please note that we have limited entry to our waiting room to one party in the waiting room at one time, as not all dogs are stranger or dog friendly, and we ask that space be given for dogs you do not know. To let us know that you have arrived to pick up or drop off, simply enter the waiting room, or hold the waiting room door open for 3-5 seconds to summon assistance for you (- there is a beeper tied to the door, so we will know you are there -) and we will come up to the waiting room to assist you. On weekdays, excepting holidays or special circumstances, Doggie Daycare is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am-5:30pm.

Signing Up for Daycare

**At the time of writing (4/12/2024), we are currently accepting applications from existing clients of our practice for dogs to join the daycare program.** Please note that there may be a wait-list to start in daycare depending on availability, and that all dogs must meet the health and behavioral requirements set forth below. We are currently expecting the next round of new dog introductions to take place in Fall or Winter 2024, depending on availability at that time.

Doggie Daycare Application Form

Click here to access the Daycare Application Form.

Daycare Introduction & Trial Period

As a new dogs enter the daycare program, we do an 8 week trial/introductory period during which new dogs are scheduled to attend at least two days each week. This gives us a consistent opportunity to work with your dog and build a relationship with them while they get used to the new place, people, and other dogs.

A typical first day will start with introductions to the staff, letting them walk around the building and kennel and play yards and sniff and check things out. They will start out with their own personal space while they become accustomed to the new setting. Once they are comfortable with the staff and the space, we begin introductions to other dogs – we usually start with a single similarly sized dog in a play yard that we know will be neutral and pretty much just hang out – if that goes well, we try a more interactive dog, and work our way up to a playful dog. As we see the response and interactions to these dogs, we will get a sense of your dog’s personality, comfort level and play style, and will start to build a group of compatible dogs for them.

Obviously, every dog is different and has different preferences, tastes, and comfort levels, so we try to go at a pace that makes sense for them. If a dog is uncomfortable being around other dogs, being away from the house or their owners, etc, it may take them a bit longer to adjust – a big part of the introductory process is there to help make sure that your dog will be comfortable with what’s happening, and if they aren’t doing well or aren’t loving it for any reason, we will let you know. Ultimately, dogs will need to do well with and be comfortable spending time with a diverse group of similarly sized other dogs by the end of the introduction process and trial period to be accepted to stay in the program.

Day Boarding

If you’re looking for somewhere for your dog to spend a single day, they can be scheduled to come and spend the day with us – any day of the week, schedule permitting. We would be happy to discuss your and your dog’s needs, and set a plan in place. Day Boarding dogs have their own personal space when they are inside, and have outside time in a fenced-in single’s yard up to 5 times during the day Monday through Saturday, and up to 4 times on Sundays. Please note that we do not guarantee social time with other dogs when Day Boarding – it is not the same as the Doggie Daycare program. All Day Boarding dogs must meet all vaccine, health, and behavioral requirements set out in our Daycare and Boarding Agreement form, which is listed below.

Please note: Before any reservations for day or overnight boarding can be booked, we must have you set up in our system and have your pet’s vaccination records in hand to ensure that they are or will be up to date for the dates you are looking to reserve.

Boarding Request Form

Form to Request Day Boarding or Daycare Dates

Click here to access the form to request boarding dates.


We offer half days of daycare and day boarding (up to 5 hours of service) at a rate of $18.50, or $37 for a full day (over 5 hours). For your convenience, dogs can be dropped off or picked up at any time that we are open.

Note that there is no additional fee for participating in the daycare program for dogs who are boarding overnight, so long as they meet all program requirements and do well with all other dogs, at the discretion of staff.


All dogs participating in Day Boarding or Daycare must be up to date on the following vaccine and health requirements:

Annual Physical Exam

Click here for more information about physical examination*
Physical examination helps your veterinarian prevent, diagnose, and treat common health issues for your pet. We recognize the importance of ensuring that your pets’ health needs are well understood before going into a possibly stressful new situation or experience and want to make sure we can provide adequately for their health needs while they are with us.

Rabies Vaccine

Click here for more information about rabies vaccination*
All dogs must be up to date on rabies vaccination to enter the kennel. Rabies is a fatal, but easily preventable disease, and it is our goal to keep everyone, including our guests and our staff safe from it.

Canine Distemper, Parvovirus, and Adenovirus-2 Vaccine

Click here for more information about canine distemper, parvo, and Adenovirus-2 vaccination*
In our region, canine distemper vaccines usually include protection against distemper, parvovirus and adenovirus-2. All of these are required for entry to our kennel, to help protect your pet against these common ailments.

Leptospirosis Vaccine

Click here for more information about leptospirosis vaccination*
Info coming soon!

Bordetella (aka Kennel Cough) Vaccine

Click here for more information about bordetella (aka kennel cough) vaccination*
Bordetella bronchiseptica, often referred to as “kennel cough,” is a common respiratory illness that can spread quickly when dogs are housed in the same area. Some vets provide vaccines that give only 6 months of protection, while others use vaccines rated for 1 year. Often, any disease which causes coughing in dogs may be referred to as “kennel cough,” though there are actually many common illnesses that can cause these symptoms.

Canine Parainfluenza Vaccine*

Click here for more info about canine parainfluenza vaccines*
Canine parainfluenza is a highly contagious respiratory infection. Canine parainfluenza vaccination is typically included in distemper combination vaccines and in some kennel cough vaccines; it must be given annually to be effective. Please note, however, that not all veterinarians administer this each year by default – sometimes it’s only given with the distemper combination vaccine every 3 years, unless you specifically ask for it. This must be confirmed prior to boarding. If you are a client of our practice, it is included in the annual intranasal Bordetella vaccine we use.

Canine Influenza Vaccine, for strains H3N2 and H3N8.

Click here for more info about canine influenza vaccines*
Canine influenza is a family of highly contagious respiratory viruses first identified in 2005, which has had outbreaks around the country. There currently exists vaccination for both strains that are prevalent in the US, which we require for all dogs coming into the kennel area for their and everyone else’s protection.

Fecal Testing – Floatation and Giardia ELISA – Every 6 months.

Click here for more info about fecal testing**
Fecal testing is when a doctor checks a sample of your dog’s stool for any sign of internal parasites. Veterinarians typically recommend fecal testing at least once per year for wellness; with so many animals in one place, it’s important that we test more regularly to catch any contagious infections early to prevent them from spreading to other dogs. In addition to the standard fecal floatation, we require an additional, more sensitive test for Giardia – some practices do this by default, and some do not. Our standards are a little higher on this because we want your pet to come in healthy, and go home healthy, too!

In the event that a dog should test positive for a contagious intestinal parasite, there may be an additional fee assessed for disinfection, and they will be unable to socialize with other dogs until the infection has been cleared with a negative fecal test following treatment.

Annual Heartworm Testing, with a Negative result.

Click here for more info about heartworm testing
Heartworms are a parasite that can infect your dog and will migrate to their heart, causing blockages and other problems. This can be fatal if left undiagnosed and untreated, especially when pets come into an exciting environment or are exposed to stresses, such as visiting a new place that’s full of activity and stimulation, which can raise their heart-rate and can add extra stress to an already struggling heart. We require testing for heartworm disease for boarding to help ensure that your dog is safe from this kind of infection and won’t suffer its ill effects while under our care.

In the event you have a dog that has been diagnosed with or is undergoing treatment for heartworm disease, boarding must be discussed with and approved by your primary care doctor in advance. We typically do not recommend boarding heartworm positive dogs if it can be avoided, due to the additional risks they face. A pet sitter or other in-home boarding experience may be safer for them.

Flea and Tick Preventative, year-round.

Click here for more info about flea and tick preventative
Flea and Tick preventative helps ensure that your pet won’t bring in or pick up any uninvited guests while visiting our kennel. It is required year-round to protect your pet.

In order to socialize with others, dogs must be Castrated or Spayed.

**If a pet has not had one of the required vaccinations, they typically must be administered at least 10 days prior to the scheduled boarding or daycare day, so that that it can begin to have some effect by the time that they arrive. In addition to the health and vaccine requirements above, there are additional policies and conditions that must be agreed to and met for all dogs who will be socializing while they are with us. The form for this has all of the health and vaccine requirements conveniently on it, and is printable – it can be downloaded here:**

Daycare and Boarding Socialization Agreement

Click here to view or download the Daycare and Boarding Socialization Agreement – it lists all of the above requirements, as well as policies and procedures related to dogs socializing in our programs.

Please note that the above information is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your primary care veterinarian for more information on any of these topics and before making any healthcare decisions for your pet.

Additional Services

In addition to our boarding services, we are also a primary care veterinary hospital, and offer grooming services. We are happy to offer health services or grooming while your pet is staying with us. We do tend to book up ahead for some services, so it is best to schedule in advance to ensure availability while your pet is with us.

To learn more about our boarding and daycare facilities, call us today at (603) 224-9549, or email us at cilleyveterinaryclinic@aol.com. We are happy to schedule tours of our facility Monday through Friday, and Saturday mornings.